I have been going to Computers made ez since Jim opened the shop, Jim does great work, he has great prices on both repair and new computers. I will only take my computers to Jim and when its time to buy a new one, he builds it for me. I also think Jim is a great community leader, he takes the time to help make a difference in the communities teenagers, by not only being a good role model, but helping them learn new skills.

- Caryl Densley

Caryl Densley,

***** Jim is AWESOME and his staff is incredible. Nicest most knowledgeable people - I will never go anywhere else! They take the time to listen and explain things in a way that I actually understand what went wrong, how they're going to fix it, and what I can do to prevent it in the future. I met him about 5 years ago via word-of-mouth have sent everyone his way that I possibly can!

-amya nouga

Amya Nouga,

Fast, friendly, affordable. I have known Jim for 15 years. In fact, he trained me for my current career. There is no one I would trust more with my computers.I know enough about computers to know when I don't know enough. Jim and his team are always ready to help. They are always willing to take the time to answer questions, without making me feel stupid for not knowing something. Would I recommend them? Look, I live in Vancouver, WA, about an hour away. There are probably 20 computer repair shops within 5 miles of my home but I would not take my computers ANYWHERE else.

-Eric Gillins

Eric Gillins,