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    1.) HOOK UP YOUR MOUSE, KEYBOARD, MONITOR, SPEAKERS Please do not hook up the printer yet. 2.)HOOK UP YOUR INTERNET IF YOUR WIRELESS see 2A IF YOUR HARD WIRED see 2B 2a.) ENTER YOUR WIRELESS PASSWORD By the clock you will see your wireless icon, select your network then enter key 2b.) PLUG IN YOUR ETHERNET CABLE IF IT FAILS 

  • New Computers

    We offer custom builds for every client, we do not have an out of the box solution. We feel if you really wanted a Dell, HP, Compaq or Frye's off the shelf special then you would not be looking to a profesional to have one built. We have a simple process of gathering information about what your going to use 

  • Upgrades

    We sell components for repairs All our parts come with a FULL factory warranty We do not use bulk or OEM parts Check for FULL manufactures warranty if your buying cheap parts. You ALWAYS get what you pay for! WE USE QUALITY PARTS ONLY Intel, IN Win, Asus, AMD, Western Digital, Apple,Toshiba, Van Tech, Logitech, Nvidia, Cooler Master, Linksys, Netgear, 

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